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Performance Activewear

This is not fast fashion

Male items launched

Let the boys join in

To focus on your activity

enjoying the great outdoors

Making you feel like you

Detailed Comfort

Hydration for hours

Stainless steel insulation for hot or cold drinks

RESP Active

Key Brand Features...

^ Designed in house

^ Fabrics sourced specifically for each garment

^ Ventilation in all layers

^ Antibacterial treatment and natural properties throughout

^ Quality fit, style and durability for long lasting clothes

RESP Active

Why choose RESP for outdoor clothing?

Regulating our body temperature during outdoor exercise can be tricky, with many of us layering up incorrectly restricting our bodies from breathing.

We’ve taken the principles of maintaining a constant, stable body temperature and applied it to our products, keeping sweating to a minimum to help our customers get the most out of activities whether it’s be with your horse, walking to dog, hiking, mountain biking or even golf.


Male Moulton Top

You asked, we delivered. Using our trademark fabrics we've replicated the female Moulton Top into a male cut.

What do you think?

I have just bought a Moulton top, oh my days why haven't I bought one before?! Absolutely gorgeous, lovely styling and so cool. I am a little bit in love with it 😍 I also received a RESP drinks bottle and that's fab too! Anyone thinking of buying from RESP don't hesitate to, you honestly won't regret it. I'll be back for another Moulton top in the navy so I can have one of each colour. Thank you!

Emma Arthur

My Delapre Coat has become the most essential part of my wardrobe, not only for riding but for the everyday too! The fit is so flattering and what I can’t rave about enough is that it actually works at keeping a regulated body temperature and for me personally it’s a godsend... Having RA means restricted movement in my shoulders so not having to constantly keep taking off or putting on my coat when riding, doing yard chores or walking the dogs saves me a lot of pain or the worry of having to find someone to help! Thank you ❤️

Hannah Elizabeth Sherrington

Absolutely love my resp layering set. Smart designs, great quality and it has kept me comfortable in all weathers from 30 degree summer heat in my t shirt, to staying dry and cool through that sticky autumn rainy season in my coat, to now all 3 layers keeping me toasty on the frosty mornings. Everything washes beautifully and still looks like new. Absolute wardrobe staple for anyone active outdoors, it’s become my favourite outfit for dog walking as well as riding!

Sarah Kennedy