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Design & Technology



Innovative Acti-Vent technology has been used to design and create an outstanding new riding wear brand that revolves around training with your horse. 

Resp was designed for riders by riders. Founder Carlene was frustrated with clothing that didn’t work in the way that she wanted or that made it uncomfortable to train, so she set out to create something that would! 

All of RESP's clothing is designed to work with the rider, walker, hiker, golfer or outdoor lover.

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Each product has been designed with layering in mind, and not only in terms of ventilation. All the seams are designed to sit comfortably next to each other and are kept to a minimum for maximum comfort. Our clothes have a number of design features such as; magnetic fastenings, comfortable neck lines, zip covers to protect your chin and saddle, curved wrist design to minimise windchill and maximise movement, higher necks to protect your face from the harsher weather and many more.




Using technology to get the most out of clothing, so you can get the most out of your training. We use specialised ventilated fabrics to allow the movement of air and minimise sweating. Our fabrics allow heat to escape through the layers without letting cold air in. Our bodies are amazing at keeping things on track, and keeping our body temperature at a constant.  Hence, all our products are treated with Microban, an antibacterial treatment that helps control odours associated with sweating.

Teaming the technology with the design features creates RESP's unique offering, comfortable technical clothing for all riders in all disciplines.