Beanies, Caps and Bottles - So why are these so special?

Beanies, Caps and Bottles - So why are these so special?

RESP Accessories 

It's only natural for a clothing company to add accessories into their brand, but why did RESP choose bottles and hats?

Well first came the Hydration Bottle, this is a key part of the brands concept to keep you at your best whatever the activity. In order to keep the body temperature regulated we need breathability first and foremost, but secondly we need to keep hydrated. Did you know that 2% of fluid lost in our bodies equates to 30% reduction in performance, whether it be a hot summers day or a chilly winter morning our bottles cover both hot and cold drinks

Our Hydration Bottles are stainless steel, double walled for maximum insulation, this means it will insulate the original temperature of the drink for hours afterwards. Keeping hot drinks HOT for 6 hours and cold drinks COLD for 12 hours. They also come with 2 lids to accommodate your desired choice of drink.

Then introduced the RESP Caps, which are luxurious cotton holding a lovely sheen to its finish. The logo on the front is embossed to give that extra performance feel, and the fixed hard peak keeps you protected from the weather, the hard rain or the bright sunshine.

Finally we've added our Merino Beanies, oh my these are my favourite! So I went for 50% merino and 50% acrylic for durability and ease of care, washing merino can be a tricky business and the last thing you want is to shrink your new beanie hat. Merino has always been a fabric i've wanted to bring into the range, as it has natural antibacterial properties to stop sweat and dirt bacteria's clinging to it keeping it fresher for longer.

Did you know that we lose 7-10% of our heat through our head, so in bad weather it's key to have a cozy hat to keep us warm, our Merino Beanies are breathable so like our clothing if you get too hot excess heat can still escape. The caps will protect from harsh wet weather as well as excess heat from the sun, which may cause heat stroke. 

So as you can see each item we bring into the range has a purpose to keep you comfortable for longer, functional well thought out outdoor wear.


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