Delapre Coat - What's different?

Delapre Coat - What's different?


Delapre Coat - What's different from other coats out there?     

There is a lot of clever marketing and design available for equestrian / outdoor wear, and it's getting more and more difficult to find items that actually works.

Feedback on struggles from riders vary from 'zips scratching saddles' to 'sealed like a bin bag'. Do you like soft shell materials or puffa jacket types? Is technical or fashion more important to you?

At RESP we have looked at technical and fashion for all of our clothes, the Delapre Coat has a number of design features to make it feel effortless to wear;

  • Ventilation panels
  • High neck cut to follow hat line
  • Well sized neck to avoid restriction
  • Bottom zip guard
  • Chin zip guard
  • Shaped bottom hem to follow a seated position
  • Adjustable elastic pull cord in bottom hem
  • Generous pocket sizes with internal third pocket
  • YKK zips

It took us 5 years to find the right fabrics for this coat, testing many in sample garments through a range of activities. The softshell chosen has a specific weave that it is breathable but water resistant, we use the wording resistant as you can't achieve breathable and waterproof in one fabric construction. The coat withstands heavy showers whether on the yard, in the field or out hacking, so do not be concerned by its performance in that respect, we just don't advise to stand out in the rain all day.

The side panels have a higher level of ventilation ability, situated in areas where a bigger build up of heat will occur. Alongside this vent point is the chest and back vent panels, these panels again allow excess heat to travel away from the body but with an overlap to avoid wet, wind or chills travelling back through.

When riding, mucking out, poo picking, grooming, dog walking, shooting, walking, running etc, the last thing you want to think about is your clothes. RESP is designed to enable more from your performance with the clothing and hydration range.



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