RESP by design

RESP by design

What makes RESP bespoke? 

There are a lot of clothing brands popping up, most have similar items on offer with different logo's and colours.

So where does RESP fit in? Well RESP was designed out of frustration that there was nothing on the market the truly allowed the body to breathe through layers, to help stop getting to hot an sweaty outdoors. 

Each garment has been designed inhouse by our founder Carlene, so no other brand will have anything like what we offer. Not only did Carlene create a breathable layering concept using clever design and technical fabrics, each piece is smart and comfortable to wear what ever the activity.

Once each design has been finalised, Carlene then sources each fabric for quality, durability and technical spec. We worked directly with the mill to decide on anti-bacterial treatments and sign off dye swatches. 

Then it's onto the factory, where were review a number of samples from them for quality and fit, until the samples match our technical designs and give the go ahead for bulk order. 

With any addition or accessory to the brand; bottles, hats and beanie, we strive for the same quality and performance. Every item we sell is one we truly wear or use ourselves.

At RESP we are always trying to remain competitive against the market, but producing bespoke garments and using two different fabrics per style can expensive especially on a small scale. This is why you will only see 2 colours per garment batch, although we only run small batches these are often bigger than other brands who buy ready made items from factories and add their logo, so it can sometimes take a while longer to add in now styles.

We care about our customers and about transparency, so we will always do our best to share the journey of our brand and what we want to achieve for our customers. The feedback on our social pages and website speaks volumes about why our brand sticks out from the rest, and why we will grow steady yet last longer.

As we grow into other activities our style will evolve and change to ensure we adapt and remain versatile.

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