RESP - Up to date 2021

RESP - Up to date 2021

RESP - Where we are to date.     

Ideas from frustrations commenced in 2015, registered limited business in 2016 and launched in 2019. 2021 has been our best year so far in sales and new customers enjoying RESP's products, 2020 was a bit of a write off due to the obvious with Covid restrictions.

We now have several stockists including Country Equestrian Store in Poundon, Tigga's Saddlery online and tradestands, and Equine Lane online store.

With new products coming through it's about time I got these blogs up to date, so a quick recap on our achievements and goals before I start running through products.



RESP has been designed to keep you cool and comfortable, whatever the activity whatever the weather. I was so frustrated buying thin base layers for under a jumper and softshell, and still getting hot and sweaty. It appear no brand had really thought about how to regulate the body temperature at rest and exercise. So I started work on RESP sourcing fabrics and creating a layering design that will keep you warm yet cool, i've achieved this by zoning the bodies hot spots with different fabrics, fabrics specifically chosen for each layer bottom, middle and top.

All fabrics have been hand selected for quality and durability, and all samples have been designed and thoroughly tested by me to ensure all fit requirements are as best as they can be. However getting customer feedback is key so we can continue to improve and create products you want and benefit from. 

Our goal is to create clothing that is long lasting and practical, clothing you can put on and enjoy your activity, whether it be horse riding, mountain biking, hiking or even golf.


The Collection so far. 

  • Delapre Coat
  • Ecton Jumper
  • Moulton Top
  • Hydration Bottle
  • RESP Cap
  • Merino Beanie
  • Eydon Base - coming Feb 2022

Clothing is designed with a relaxed fit to be true to UK sizing, we only say to size up on coats to allow room for layers underneath. All hats are one size and unisex, so everyone can enjoy.

There are lots of designs waiting to come into the collection, and the next being the male range.



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