Equestrian Sportswear

Equestrian Sportswear

Why choose RESP Active for your performance riding wear?

Regulating our body temperature during outdoor exercise can be tricky, with many of us layering up incorrectly restricting our bodies from breathing.

Wearing a simple dry wick base layer will wick away moisture and may allow heat to transfer, but this all becomes redundant if you add a generic fleece jumper and/or a sealed coat. 

A thick fleece jumper will generate additional heat, causing the body to react by sweating as a way of regulating the temperature. If you then add a sealed coat, it traps all of the heat and moisture present. When your level of exercise drops, the heat will disperse but the moisture will remain, creating a damp cold environment around your body.

The same environment can occur if you have too many layers, tight layers or big bulky items. Help your body breath by allowing space for the heat to move, add ventilation for the heat to travel away from the body, and ensure a cold draft can not travel back through.

I'm sure we have all been in this situation and are fed up of feeling sweaty, smelly and uncomfortable. So make a smart change and treat your riding like the sport that it is, and change to riding wear that actually works.

The Acti-Vent layering technology used in the RESP designs allows excess heat generated with exercise, to travel through the layers away from the body, enabling the body's natural respiration process hence the name RESP. Each hot spot on the body has a ventilation panel, and each fabric used on the main body or vent points has been carefully selected. The fabrics enable heat to transfer out but reflect a cold air travelling back towards the body, also all fabrics have an anti-bacterial treatment, which prevents the body's natural bacteria soaking into the fabric. This stops the build up of odours and stains after washing, making your garment fresh and back in it's original state.

Alongside all of the technology is smart, flattering, effective design, well thought out by riders for riders. So why not chose smart and chose RESP.

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