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HYDRL Roaming Smoothies

HYDRL Roaming Smoothies

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The portable smoothie bottle. Love a healthy juice fix or a smoothie, but don't have time for a large kitchen blender. 

We've got you covered, with 8 blends per charge, throw your ingredients in the bottle and run out the door. Charged through a USB lead (included) you can even charge from the car.

Once blended you can either remove the lid and drink from the cup or use the sip spout, or use the silicone included straw. This handy straw opens up for ease of cleaning and clicked back together.

Leakproof and even comes with a handy measuring guide on one side of the bottle

  • Portable Blender
  • 4 blades
  • USB charging
  • 8 blends per charge
  • Drink from cup / spout or with straw
  • 600ml
  • Silicone straw included
  • Charging USB cable included

*Note: cut up contents and use smaller ice cubes for longevity of motor.

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